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辻祐 太鼓奏者/Tasuku Tsuji Japanese drums Taiko artist and player

辻 祐 / 太鼓奏者・演出



近年では大河ドラマ『麒麟がくる』合戦シーンへの出演やスガダイロー(pf)とのフリージャズセッション、ミュージカル『天翔ける風に』(演出 謝珠栄 原作 ドストエフスキー 脚色 野田秀樹)、野村萬斎主演・演出舞台『マクベス』への出演、石井則仁(山海塾舞踏手)との共同制作による舞台作品『石泳ぐ魚』では一部振付を担当するなど演奏に留まらない創作を行っている。

『月行独歩』(2014年)@KID AILACK ART HALL
『重力光』(2015年)@神楽坂SESSION HOUSE


Tasuku Tsuji / Taiko Artist
He's studying under Eitetsu Hayashi and playing an active part as a youngest member of Eitetsu-fu-un-no-kai.

He was active on both domestic and international stages together with his master.

He also released his own complete solo performances as a solo artist, including 'Gekko Doppo' (2014) 'Ju-Ryoku-Ko' and (2015) which were well received.

With "the bodily nature of music" and "Taiko as a stage expression" at the core of his activity concept. He is the next generation of taiko drummers who are working to create new music, body and stage expression using Taiko.

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